Tax planning is the most important section of any business.  Each transaction in the business has tax consequences.  So, each transaction should be reviewed from a tax aspect.  Tax Accounting 4U assists small businesses in all aspects of corporate and business taxation.

Are you concerned about your tax situation?

Are there concerns hampering your business decisions?

Are you confronting the following tax problems?

·        Receiving tax audit notice

·        Unfavorable tax assessment

·        Legal collections

·    Concerns regarding under-reported income

·        Late filing or failure to file personal & business tax returns

·        Large tax debts


Do you know about the following tax enforcement?

1.     Wage Garnishments by the CRA


In this situation, the CRA will send you a notice of a wage garnishment to your paycheck, which means that the CRA is going to notify your employer that you have a back tax debt.  So your employer will be required (by law) to send up to 100% of your earnings to the CRA until your tax debt is paid in full.  Remember this will be done if you do not respond to the CRA .


A wrong argument with the CRA could arise and become quite a serious problem.  Tax Accounting4U believes that no one should attempt to resolve the CRA disputes alone.  Tax Accounting4U will negotiate with the CRA on your behalf to get the garnishment reduced or removed entirely.


Based on your situation, an installment agreement could be arranged with the CRA.  Also there is a possibility to relieve interest and penalty if Tax Accounting4U can negotiate with the CRA.

If you receive such a notice, contact Tax Accounting4U immediately. Tax Accounting4U has helped Canadians like you to find solutions for their tax problems.


2.     Property Liens by the CRA


Remember if you don’t file your tax returns or pay your taxes, the CRA can file a lien against your property (the first property could be your home).  This gives the CRA thousands of property liens files annually.

But the CRA will release the lien on your property when it gets total satisfaction.  As a result, a tax lien can be removed or postponed if there is a good negotiation with the CRA.  In such circumstances, Tax Accounting4U can do this for you.

3.     Bank Accounts Frozen

If the CRA has frozen your bank account, you should have a qualified tax accountant.  The CRA can take your money for your own taxes, penalties and interests.  They won’t care about your business.  But a tax accountant knows more details that the CRA needs to satisfy their requirements.  A tax accountant can help you to file your late business’ tax return.

Tax Accounting4U has helped many Canadians like you to find easy solutions to their tax problems.


4.     Receivables Garnished

The CRA can garnish your accounts receivables.  When the CRA completes an audit, they will get your clients’ information.  Then the CRA will be able to send them a garnishment notices for payment.  This can turn into a very upsetting situation for you because your customers will know that you have cash flow problems.

Tax Accounting4U has helped small business owners to find proper solutions to their tax problems.  If you are in tax trouble, audited, unclaimed income, late returns or the CRA is garnishing your wages, just call us because Tax Accounting4U will help you.