1-Cash flow management

A wise business owner once said, “Happiness is a positive cash flow.” I’m sure you, as a business owner, agree.  Everything is better when your cash inflow exceeds your cash outflow.

A cash crisis can be emotionally devastating, and it can even kill your business.  If you’ve ever had to beg, borrow or steal to cover tomorrow’s payroll, you know what I mean.

Our cash management service allows you to…

Know when, where, and how your cash needs will occur.

Know what the best sources are for meeting your additional cash needs.

Be prepared to meet such needs when they occur, by keeping good relationships with bankers and other creditors.

The starting point for avoiding a cash crisis is allowing us to develop a cash flow projection for you. We can help you develop both short-term (weekly, monthly) cash flow projections to help you manage daily cash, and long-term (annual, 3-5 year) cash flow projections to help you develop the necessary capital strategy to meet your business needs.

We also prepare historical cash flow statements to help you gain an understanding about where all the money went.

Creating an accurate cash flow projection is just one of the many cash management services we provide.  You also get…

  • Help obtaining an appropriate line of credit
  • Cash collection acceleration techniques
  • Proven effective collection policies
  • Proven effective payment policies
  • Help obtain the maximum rate of return on your idle cash

2-Financial Management & Accounting Management

Proper financial management is vital to any corporation’s success.  Budgeting and cash flow management can be provided to ensure that proper control is maintained over the financial activities of your corporation.   Forecasts and cost/benefit analysis can be provided to give your corporation a strategic edge.

Small businesses may not need a full-time Controller or Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  But you do need a session board to ensure strong financial management.  Our Simulated CFO program offers you the flexibility and depth of experienced talent to fill in the gaps, without breaking the bank.  The Controller or CFO picks up where the bookkeeper or general accountant leaves off and before your Auditors or Accountants perform the year-end closing.

  1. Here’s what you get with our Simulated CFO solution:
  2. Assistance in defining long-range plans and the financial goals.
  3. Follow through with bankers, lawyers, vendors, insurance agents, etc.
  4. Negotiation of insurance policies, rental agreements, contracts, etc.
  5. More time to focus on new services, new customers, and other core issues.
  6. Better understanding of your financial information.
  7. Improved capability by clearly seeing your financial situation.
  8. Sounding board to help clarify the financial impact of business decisions.
  9. Budgeting, business planning, cash flow monitoring, etc.

The team at TaxAccounting4U will help you prepare budgets for cash flow and profit planning. We help you get better control over your business with vitally important management control tools.  Our team will assist with costing your products or services and helping you set realistic financial targets and goals.  The Controller can also assist with monthly sales forecasts and order book projections, comparing sales needs to inventory or resource capacity.


3-Internal Control Managements

At times you may need a trained outside professional to evaluate your company’s operations to determine if the appropriate controls are in place to ensure proper handling of resources and to protect yourself from employee theft.

We assess your internal control systems to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures.  Then we make recommendations that help your company become stronger and more profitable by correcting any inefficient or ineffective operating procedures we find.

What we do for you…

  1. Implement segregation of duties so that duties are divided, or segregated, among different people to reduce the risk of error or inappropriate actions.  No one person has control over all aspects of any financial transaction.
  2. Make sure transactions are authorized by a person delegated with approval authority when the transactions are consistent with policy and funds are available.
  3. Ensure records are routinely reviewed and reconciled, by someone other than the preparer, to ensure transactions have been properly processed.
  4. Make certain that equipment, inventories, cash and other property are secured physically, counted periodically, and compared with item descriptions shown on control records.
  5. Provide employees with appropriate training and guidance to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to carry out their duties, are provided with an appropriate level of direction and supervision, and are aware of the proper channels for reporting suspected improprieties.
  6. Document policies and procedures, making them accessible to employees. The documented policies and procedures provide day-to-day guidance to your staff and continuation of duties in the event of prolonged employee absences or turnover.
  7. Review operations to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals and whether the operations are being carried out as planned.

4-Financial Forecasts & Projections

Forecasting is necessary when trying to effectively manage and lead a business to profitability. From simple projections to complex financial modeling, Tax Accounting4U can assist you in achieving your company’s financial goals.

Many of our clients are responsible for collecting and submitting sales taxes in many different jurisdictions.  I can assist your company in the compilation of information and preparation of sales tax returns, and in controlling your sales-tax-related costs.