Business Management Advice

Perfect Accounting goes beyond the budgeting process to proactively help you infer monthly actual results and comparison to prior year results and current year budgets. These reports include detailed KPIs (Key performance indicators) and ratio analysis that apply to critical areas of your business.  We work with you on quarterly or annual basis to review your Operating Plan.

Based on business needs, we can assist with working capital or asset financing.  We often meet with bankers, private lenders, or institutional investors to meet the cash flow needs of your business.  Our Simulated CFO can assist with setting up and monitoring asset-based lending, banking guarantees insurance certificates, line of credit, and letter of credit.

Business Development Assistance

We will assist you with the development of your tactical plan.  Out specific focus is on helping you discover the untouched potential in your business to make it even more profitable.  We will be involved in many non-accounting aspects of the business development, including staffing and hiring, team training, HR management, and customer service strategies and other business areas.

Small businesses benefit enormously when they engage Perfect Accounting as a Simulated CFO simply because of the cost to outsource this talent is very minimal compared to the salary of a full-time senior manager. As your controller, we can ensure your business is utilizing capital properly, effectively managing cash flow and avoiding a heavy debt-load.  As well, we can help you to better manage inventory, help you find the right insurance coverage, and provide tips to help mitigate business and financial risk.

Business Development Services

1-Business Foundation Improvement

  • Business Analyses

    The first step for improving your business is business analyses.  At this stage we will check all the main aspects of your business to find out which part of your business is working properly or not.


  • Business Model Review

    To make sure you are using a good business model, we will map out your business model and will check its improvability.  If there is any possibility, we will advise you to change or improve your business model.  Changing the business model will affect all aspects of your business later.


  • Business Planning Services

    The key part of your business is the business plan.  We will prepare a strong and viable business plan for you.  Your business plan will map out your business future and will help you to run your business in the path you want.


2-Revenue & Income Improvement

  • Financing & Cash flow improvement

    One of the key resources for all businesses, especially small and medium size businesses, is cash flow.  We will help you to have a better cash flow by helping you:

  • To receive easy loans
  • To receive government grants
  • To better manage accounts receivable
  • To better manage payments
  • Marketing and sales Improvement

    To increase your sales volume, we will help you in different ways.  Our main marketing services will contain the following areas:

  • Reviewing  your goal markets and helping you to have better goal markets
  • Helping you to have better products and services
  • Helping you to Find new clients
  • Helping you to sell more to current clients and having a bigger average sale per client
  • Helping you to have a bigger margin in each sales


    Achieving the above-mentioned goals needs to have a stronger marketing system.  So, we will help you to have this marketing system.

3-Cost Reduction Services

  • Cost Structure Review

    We will control your cost structure to make sure you are paying reasonable costs to run your business.  In most cases, there are some possibilities for decreasing costs by changing cost structure of business.


  • Human Resources Financial Support Services

    One of the main costs for all businesses is employee costs.  We will advise you to decrease your employee costs by using some kind of government financial supports.  There are lots of ways to decrease this kind of costs, which you can apply.


  • Technology Support Services

    Using technology can decrease your costs and even increase your incomes.  We will help you to use the best technologies available in the market.


  • Grant & Government Support  Advices

    For some businesses there are different government financial support services which you may be eligible to use.  We will try to find these kinds of supports for you.

    Some other of our other management consultant services:

  1. Budgeting
  2. Business Plan Development
  3. Cash flow management and  Projections
  4. Corporate Reorganization
  5. Financial Forecasting & Planning
  6. Internal Audits & Control
  7. Financial Management
  8. Performance Reviews
  9. Policies & Procedures Development
  10. Improving your business profit