Business is one complex thing.  There are so many things you need to worry about and so many things you need to pay attention to.  That’s why it may occur that you don’t do some activities in the proper way.  One of them is payroll.  Payroll is not a simple activity; it actually represents many smaller activities that are combined into one.  You should pay your full attention to this and do it properly. Keeping your obligations unpaid is not a good thing for your company, and we can make sure everything is paid on time.

Payroll is one of the business essentials that business owners know they need to maintain and keep current.  It is not just about paying your employees but also there are tax and benefit obligations.  EI, CPP remittances, T4 deductions…. Are these words keeping you up at night?

Payroll can be easy simple to difficult complex, as you see payroll items include the followings:

  •  salaries
  •  wages
  • bonuses & commissions to employees
  • overtime pay
  • payroll taxes and costs
    • Canada Pension Plan
    • Employment Health Tax
    • Federal income tax
    • Provincial income tax
    • Employment Insurance
    • WSIB
  • employer paid benefits
      • holidays
      • vacations
      • sick days
      • insurance (health, dental, vision, life, disability)
      • retirement plans
      • profit-sharing plans

Our easy payroll services are accurate and comprehensive, save our clients valuable resources, and are completely customizable.  We accommodate any level of client involvement.

For clients desiring the highest level of simplicity, our easy payroll services require just faxing or emailing your time sheets, and we’ll do the rest, like preparation of government forms including T4, T5, T5017, T4 summery, T4A, EHT, WSIB and ROE.  We save you the headache, and most importantly, our easy payroll services allow you and your staff to focus on what you do best.

Also payroll preparation and calculation of withholdings can be implemented weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or even monthly, depending on your payroll practice.

Some of our Payroll services:

1. Payroll calculation, collect and enter employees’ time sheets to payroll software

2. Employment tax, benefit and other deductions

3. T4, T4A, Year-end tax report

4. Records of Employment (ROE)

5. Payment distribution to employees (Cheque or direct bank deposit)

6. Monthly transaction report for the employer

7. Integration with your existing accounting systems

8. Registering your business with WSIB